No Collection -- No Charge!

LCS Inc. is a full service,  insured and bonded professional collection service offering a complete range of credit and collection services to enable our clients to realize improved cash flow and reduced expenses.  This quickly translates into MORE PROFIT.

We accept and manage all types of accounts ranging from small balance to large commercial accounts.  We operate on an "assignment of debt" basis.

LCS Inc. operates on a "No Collection -- No Charge" basis.  This means you do not pay for services until we collect accounts for you.  This is the ultimate "pay for performance" model.

Let Loyalist Collection Services Inc. be your accounts receivable business partner.  We are on your team but not on your payroll!

Contact us today to find out how we can turn BAD DEBT into CASH for you.


1748 Bath Road, Suite 4, Kingston, Ontario Canada  K7M 4Y2

Tel: (613) 634-4002   or  (888) 852-7772 (Toll Free North America)

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David A. Walker, President

Direct Line: (888) 852-7772 (Toll Free North America)

Fax:  (613) 634-4008      E-Mail: